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Hi Everyone-who-reads-this,

Yes, I know it seems as if I have forgotten about this place and all of you lovely people who followed me and who continue to appreciate my work, but I could never!

That is why, for you and in order to present my work in a better way, I have a new place for us to hang out on:

It is cleaner, easier to navigate, and it will be filled with new content as time goes by. With it goes my new instagram account, which may seem empty, but it is just blank space for new adventures to be had! So join me, and let’s embark on some new and exciting written journeys together.

Feel free to follow me, DM me, comment, like, share, because I am here for you!

I guess it took moving to Australia for me to find my newest pen name, and all of those who followed me since the beginning know that there were many. 😀

I’m not sure what will happen with this page, the content will always be there, but the posts will mostly become updates about my works, newest projects, and similar, all in order to inform those who are, perhaps, too shy to join the new place, or are just fed up with me changing constantly. 😀

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And, as always, happy reading!

Marija M.

P.S. Also, the Unicorn, who, if you recall, was the main reason behind this webpage, well that little rascal never shined his light upon me! Must be he is forever constipated. His problem, because we have a new place that does not depend on said Unicorn.

The Aria of Being


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash.

Hi Everyone who reads this,

Today is a special day. I have decided to publish this poem.

For some unknown reason, I have postponed the publishing. But I am proud of this work and I want to share it with you.

This is a very long poem, but I believe it is worth reading. I hope you think so too.

Here I go.

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And, as always, happy reading!

Marija M.

‘A fatal idea about a deity

could never be born in nature,

if it didn’t correspond to a certain reality.’

─ Awakened Consciousness, Rastko Petrovic

Dots in softness of the strength of light,

change in the order of smile and heart,

within the scents remind of eternity,

and one temple instilled in everyone by

The Almighty God.


Primarily ─ the end, the first beauty of a woman;

with sharp powerful shadow gathers nightly murmur,

a doll on earth enkindles within;

rime eradiates and gathers the sweat of death ─


The Almighty God.


A tree filled with needles mesmerises the mind of shade, in winter,

when it appears as a youthful rain.


The herald that carries the spring on her smile

succulent stem from the skin of that life,

yes, She is happy dewing over the field,

in birth known for the eternal flight within ─


The Almighty God.


The hues of those birds of paradise, mercy of a colourful hand,

in a flutter of wings and leave without despair.


Upwards the bearhaired expands, grows, trembles;

in overview is mirrored in the drop of the Sun,

He searches in the grass for thin thoughts of ants;

the pristine working nature ─ the statue of a guardian


The Almighty God.


A heap of eiderdown now a scream is cheering a child;

young life like a king’s, near the end a Jester-wise Eden.


And when he blows and takes the fire within

he announces the shield and the Sun ─ sunrise

of the dearest, dearest Guest with a drink for a gift;

the sign and the kindred prevail in amplitude ─


The Almighty God.


The forest and the murmur of waves, rustle of trees,

like laugh and the purple of birth; the eyes seek a view through a hull.


Bright unknown core whose king is now a slave

Light’s edge held by the axeman of night’s enjoyment

A drop of ink and pain falls onto the snow, cry

Circular smile pours over the bottom dew


The Almighty God.


That sign in the haze creates a double image: Raven in a lamp,

a Dove in a hand.


With the eyes of a caliper it tears the environment,

when non-cover uncovers hundredfold triple sight;

the main thing is often a merge of chiasm when you love

the smallest of pebbles strengthened by his touch ─


The Almighty God.


Crossroads of everything ─ my street and May; metal shine of a car,

a sparkle of stars.


With the mist of unwritten kept inside the soul

a woman of brave thoughts and knitted heart;

between the principles She offers a strand

for new understandings a fruit of a basket ─


The Almighty God.


A bridge will always bind two foreign Spaces, when one becomes dark

another is bright from a dream’s light.


Fleece of golden needles summons the truth,

if there is silence in response: halt

of the spin; turnover always in the world;

then form a direction comes a thunder ─


The Almighty God.


Believe in one only made from a multitude; everything is like a soul’s dream

and endless tangle of the mind.


A horn sings the primordial, the aria of being,

as seen in a dream the wakefulness eternal,

all-encompassing thought in a brilliant spark;

the purple glimmers sunrise and its union ─


The Almighty God.


Velvet inside of us with a myriad of shines,

known faces and our faith never dies,

and a steady change takes us upwards, home;

to each their own and a virtue of each is

The Almighty God.



Beograd, Serbia

Hi Everyone who reads this,

I am currently living in Australia. Extremely far away from home. And I miss it. Here’s a poem about that.

as if I forgot something
I know I did.

Your arms, hero, stretch out to touch me,
but I’m not there;
your gentle autumn hair falls down my back,
but I cut it off.

There is a glitch
within me
I can’t fix it.

Your streets intersecting inside of my heart,
your fresh leafy smell permeates my mind,
you are the whiteness of my eyes.

A black hole.
It’s heavy.
Pressing on my soul.

I do want to put my hand over your curves,
as Crnjanski said. But I can’t.
And as far as I look, your silhouette is there.
You are not.

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And, as always, happy reading!

Marija M.


Hi Everyone-who-reads-this,

Me again. After some time. I know, I know… No Lightlined, no stories, no constant upload. But, here is a final poem from Oblivion Corpus!

I hope I will be able to post more frequently, a lot of stuff happening in my life, working, working, working, writing, getting ready for future studies, getting engaged (yup! so happy!). I hope you don’t misunderstand, this blog is also important to me. I just suck at translating my works on time, and then so much accumulates that I don’t know which one to translate first.

Since this one was translated a long time ago, and it is well overdue, here it is.


You knew how to listen in peace
My words that wouldn’t cease
Those that caress and give strength
Those that love and provoke a peck.

You even heard the uproar and howls
When my clamp bursts into vowels
And those calm but laden whispers
That hurt more than anything else.

You’ve heard me cursing thee aloud
Then thanking and begging for a sound
Sometimes unexpectedly you spoke
Nicely, soothingly and out of joke.

But most of all you took in
My last spoken word

When I said: Leave!
Let me ache

And forgive.


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And, as always, happy reading!

Marija M.




Photo by Aron Visuals. From Unsplash.

Hi Every-one-who-reads-this,

Here is a link to my new story, published in White City Wordsmiths fourth anthology book.

Hope you are all well!

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And, as always, happy reading!

Mary Matshine

White City Wordsmiths Anthology


Hi Everyone-who-reads-this,

From the beginning of March up until the end of May, every Sunday, I had a pleasure to enjoy the company of a talented and friendly group of people. Together, we worked on our writing skills, bettering our perception of our own unique styles, helping others in the group to make progress in their writing, and, perfecting our poetry and/or prose.

Last Friday, thirteen of us from the WCW group, with our wonderful leader and our brave shadow ruler, had an amazing time presenting the fourth anthology, and, of course, reading some of our works. Yes, on Friday the 13th. And it was awesome!


Me. Like the tower of Pisa. Why? I have no idea.

Check me out on this LINK.

Here is, more or less, what I said in the video above:

“Alright, I’m nervous. [had to say it, it was kind of obvious though, since I missed the correct spot that we should stand on and speak] Now that I got that out, my name is Marija. And I love food. What I also love is writing. So, I decided to go on an adventure called White City Wordsmiths Workshop. There I met this great group of people who inspired me to write the first draft of this story I’m going to read to you. Small part, it’s a ─ it’s a fairly short story so a small part I will read [*clapping to myself ironically* great phrasing, amazing sentence, such eloquence, much words]. This is the final version and hopefully you will read it until the end. The- [opening the book, and suddenly realizing: “Shit, the title!”] The story is called About.”

The excerpt I read:

They were sitting in a small, warm room. Lit had spat some fire into a barrel to keep them warm, and to give them light since all the electricity was gone now. Oogor had consumed it all for the portals. It didn’t help that they hadn’t paid the bills over three months. There’s no money in doing magic tricks all day. Kanar’s weird mohawk was slumped to the side, and bobbing all around. His arms were shaking, making the papers in his hands rustle.

“I can’t. It has to be done. This is crazy!”

“Please, Kanar. Calm down…” said Lit, her voice harsh.

“All you people do all fucking day is magic! I have a job, and I have to finish school. I also lead this god-forsaken workshop. This can’t go on. I feel like shit.”

“Okay. Alright. It’s fine. Look, man, we’ll stop. Deal?” Anek nodded towards the others.

They gave him a blank look. Famona sneezed and flew a little.

My story About…, and a poem called Triptych were featured in this anthology, among other great literary works.

Here is how the book looks like:


White City Wordsmiths anthology.

I want to take this opportunity and say to my fellow Wordsmithers:

Thank you guys for an amazing experience, for all those laughs, for enduring my not-so-used-to-such-a-direct-critique-face, and for helping me see new ways of thinking and writing. Cheers to you!

Thank you Mom, Una, and My Other Heart, for coming and supporting me in this wonderful event!

And thank you, reader, for… well, reading. 😅

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And, as always, happy reading!

Mary Matshine

Where, Why, and, How are You?




Photo of me by NataLi. Oh, it rhymes!

Hi Every-one-who-reads-this,

I’m back from what may seem to you as a holiday but in reality was a hardworking period for me. I tried to stay at least somewhat active on this amazing platform, but, as you’ve noticed it wasn’t nearly close to what you may be used to.

I passed a part of a huge exam, there is still more left to learn, so I will be absent more often, but, I will also try and post here my newest works, and, projects I’ve been lucky to be a part of, along with some amazing people.

Soon, I’ll translate (lol) a story about my experience from that exam I’ve passed.

Some of you may be wondering “But, where is Lightlined?” Don’t worry, I am working on writing it. There are some great ideas I scribbled down, inspired by the works I’ve been reading in order to pass said exam. So, Lightlined is becoming better and better, I am finally realising what the Novel is going to be, and what are my intentions.

You also may be asking (probably not, but, oh well) where is that FREE PDF of my Wings Corpus. Well, it’s ready. And I will be posting it soon. So, stay tuned.

How are You doing?

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And, as always, happy reading.

Mary Matshine

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Hi Everyone-who-reads-this,

The end of Oblivion Corpus is nearing it’s final two poems.
This is next to not-really-last-but-kind-of-is poem. So, if you like this, be sure to follow the blog and not miss the next two parts.
If you are already a follower, thank you! and enjoy the rest of this Corpus.

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And, as always, happy reading.

Mary Matshine


Silent and filled with thoughts
Not sharing your hidden words
I wonder what will you devise
Would you even share a single line?

And yet you speak here and there
I know that is not all and so I wait
The quietude tearing the room apart
As if the sand is being thrown about.

It’s over now so don’t hold back
I wish to hear your voice attack
But you’re just nodding your head
To my criticism and words I bled.

Silence is what you’ve fed.

Operational Absence


Designed by Mary Matshine aka Marija Mrvošević.

Hi Everyone-who-reads-this,

I am back… It’s not like I went far, just to the hospital. But, more on that later.

Here’s a poem as a little tease for what is to come. That being an entire NEW Corpus titled (probably) The Peninsula of Healers. The poems are awaiting translation. By moi. So… it will take a while. 😅

Also, you guys are the first ones ever (well, except my mother) to see a part of the cover page for that new corpus I’ve mentioned.
If you like Groups of Poems in general, here are some other options: Wings, Oblivion.

Had a pokey day.
They stabbed my gut,
Released the pain,
No vein left untouched.
All is well now,
Without the blind part.
This ─ a matted spark,
A stingy start.

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And, as always, happy reading.

Mary Matshine

My Other Blog


Hi Everyone-who-reads-this,

This here, Right Here (do I need to put an arrow? no? you are fine? yes. good) is my Other Blog. In Serbian. Because, as Mr Grozdich always says, you should speak a language other than *insert a language here that is not the one mentioned previously*.

If you enjoyed my works here you will have a blast with the ones featured there. It is basically the same, just in Serbian. So, if you can’t read the awesome letters presented there, just pretend. In time, you will be able to. It is not so hard. 😊

Don’t forget to like, comment and share! (if you do you shall receive an Awww, or in Serbian an Ањњњ, from me; it will come silently, carried through the wind of awesomeness and thankfulness) :Џ :П

And, as always, happy reading!

Mary Matshine / Марија Мрвошевић