Hopelessness (Cosmic Steed)

Uvijeni rog

Photo taken from Phot Photo Photo From: fineartamerica.com; made by Dave Bowman.

Over there, at the bottom of a Star

The Eyes have hidden a secret.

Answer fell with a gleam of the night.

My pinnacle is farther still, I cannot see its end in front of me;

If I had Wings I would know the way back.


Sunset in a Red Cave isn’t capable of imagining.

Sparks of Universe at the bottom of the ocean. Hard catch.

Caped failure and judgment. The world is too small for us;

to hide a secret is hard. No one can do that beside the Eyes and a hair.


Tails are smacking the dots in flight,

vapor is coming out of me.

Hooves are breaking the stone,

yet the water is rigid, piercing the skin.

The Yellow Moon sings with a whisper,

I’m neighing along with its voice.

Twisted horn sends a thought of home to the wind:

Lend me a safe journey at least.

With Heaven’s Wings I’m swimming on dry land.

Such is my destiny. I remain forever a Steed.

Without Feathers. The one who cries a Cosmic war.

The one who doesn’t bleed.


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