Moon Passage

Br. 6

Photo was taken by Nevena Jovanović. Both the photograph and  my poem bellow were showcased in Belgrade Poetography Exhibition held in December at Mixer House.

The passing of the soul onto the realm of unknown.

Over the bridge and into the tunnel. New life awaits.

For they are but shadows cut off from the body,

returning still. Reuniting.

The black of the skies doesn’t frighten,

yet the way back is amiss.

When will they understand and fathom

that the moon is the only ticket out of here?

3 thoughts on “Moon Passage

  1. Beautifully composed…. loved the flow in which you have written the poetry…
    If you’re interested plz do check out my works on my blog.
    Would be glad to get your reviews….
    🙂 Happy blogging

    Liked by 1 person

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