eyes, two, marija mrvošević

Photo from:; By Saundra Myles.

I still remember those
Suspicious eyes of yours
Dreary, sad and dear
But filled with fear.

They have watched
Vigilantly the world
Confused by change
Usurped and deranged.

In them, I have found
That looked for all around
Realization erased my smile
Only now I know why

Those eyes are colour of a lie.



Mom’s dandelions.

This poem is oppening to Oblivion Corpus I wrote a while back.

We were strange dandelions
Little, yellow and extraneous
Wind blew followed by a ray of sun
So we became merged as one.

Cursed be that whiffing
Destiny’s thread is pulling
When nature goes on spree
And completely eradicates thee.

In your turmoil you’re not vain
Although in lack of that ochre mane
For I was just about to bourgeon
To me the world wasn’t a burden.

The roots interweave
From confinement no relief
Did what you thought was right
To cut down before we start

My part.

Game Over

game over, marija mrvošević, child, globe

A boy. Restless, hyper-all
through vessels sugar rushes.
Oh, the fun!

Cars on a colorful rug
against the laws of physics
follow lines.
Toy soldiers fighting aloud —
shooting, breaking, demolishing.

A plush Teddy, now a stained bear — suffers.
Stuffing hovers and falls.
Broken pencils, scraps, slips, splinters
taking over the floor. No room for
a car and soldier toys.

A child, when there is no more space for him to play — departs.
The mother will clean up; the child will return.

A Human, when there is no more space for him to play — departs.
The Mother will clean up. The Human — removed.
No room for a toy soldier if Mother gets hurt.

Fruit fly



A single all hues colored fleck



restless and fidgeting



just a bug

the fruit one

that flutters through the air

and bobs around our heads



we shake our limbs

something burns within

so we stretch it’s wings

across our bloody palm

what is that which bothers us

which takes our peace away

when we can with just our hands

spill it’s bile and cease a fly

that now forevermore