Birth of January

January Sunrise in Austin Texas 6

Rejoice now,
January is being born.
For a few moments
in between, there is no Time.
The night has almost passed.
Vermillion sunrise over the horizon.
People are awake, well, most of them.
Some are just taking a break.
You can’t admire the colors from here.
There’s only beauty within
and that can be hard to see.
Snow shimmers as Sun grins.
Not meant to abhor, but also
it isn’t a lovely sight
when January is being born.
And it took seven hours,
give or take,
happened more than once,
but it will never happen again
the way it did last time…
So goes for everything
in this world of ours.



“It’s gone.”
Dread filled with echo.
The thread that pulls you up has been cut.
“The fight is over.  Now stop.”
“I will not. There’s still one left.”
“So what? In a few moments it’ll be gone.”
You look at the sun.
“But for now there’s only beauty. So stop.”

A perfect Autumn day


Colour of an early autumn leaf
green on the edges
freckled inside —
In those eyes silence hid,
as inaudible universe
unperturbed soul.
A perfect autumn day
bathed in golden rays of tenderness,
morning dream interrupted by a kiss
soundlessly whispering
smile that touched the Cosmos.