Photo OBsession…s


Hi Every-one-who-looks-at-these,

A sneak peek at some photos a Friend and colleague took of me. Such art, much professional!

I felt like I would need them for this blog; my Portfolio (these are links; just an FYI) as well, and other business stuff I don’t know about. 😅

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And, as always, happy reading/watching/painting/general-art stuff 👮📚🌭‍!

Mary Matshine


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Thank you, Nata Li!




“It’s gone.”
Dread filled with echo.
The thread that pulls you up has been cut.
“The fight is over.  Now stop.”
“I will not. There’s still one left.”
“So what? In a few moments it’ll be gone.”
You look at the sun.
“But for now there’s only beauty. So stop.”