Doctor’s office

Laughing doctors meme


It was a month ago,

and I wasn’t feeling well.

My head started burning,

and I had mild chest pain.

I decided not to care,

but my anxiety was stronger,

so I turned to Google,

couldn’t take it any longer!


I tried not to panic,

but I typed WebMD

and there, clear and simple,

said: “You have 99 hits!”

My diagnosis:

“You moron,

go see a doctor,

here you can’t find help!”


“You have to go to this MD.”


“Please, go there.”


“We need your blood.”



Come on!


Hollow metal pin

made me frown.

Yet again the velvety blue

spreads under my skin.

Cold, metal stethoscope

Rubs against my chest.

I’m naked from the waist up

in a sterile room;

and they all say the same,

but really mean:

“We don’t know what is wrong

But surely something is.

So go visit my colleagues,

who will then diminish

everything others said.”

Fuck that.

But I went nonetheless…


And here I sit now,

writing this poem,

not knowing still

if I’m really ill.



The Glass Desert by Noah Bradley.

Here is another poem from Oblivion Corpus.


You walk about your desert
Always trying hard to avert
Afraid to stay in one place
To disrupt your wicked dance.

Refusing to completely cease
You do traverse the sill
However you leave behind
All your hopes and true mind.

The suffering is deep within
You’re not letting anyone in
To do what you long for and miss
And then say you do not wish

To let yourself off your leash.

Official Announcement

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who read my poems, who left their likes and comments, and who followed my blog. Thanks, guys!

And now the announcement:

The Wings Corpus has officially ended. The last poem, with a few add-ons, perhaps even photos (if I find a willing donor 😉 ) will be available in my upcoming online edition of the poems. I will continue posting my older poems, don’t worry. The blog is still running.

If you want to collaborate, perhaps we could write something together, or you may even wish to show me your paintings and photos in order to use them in my book, or even if you just want to talk, feel free to contact me on my Facebook page.

Wish you all the best in your creative endeavors. Cheers!

P.S. Just for you, my faithful followers, a preview of my book cover (if you think I should add or remove anything, or change it in anyway, do tell):