A perfect Autumn day


Colour of an early autumn leaf
green on the edges
freckled inside —
In those eyes silence hid,
as inaudible universe
unperturbed soul.
A perfect autumn day
bathed in golden rays of tenderness,
morning dream interrupted by a kiss
soundlessly whispering
smile that touched the Cosmos.



Mom’s dandelions.

This poem is oppening to Oblivion Corpus I wrote a while back.

We were strange dandelions
Little, yellow and extraneous
Wind blew followed by a ray of sun
So we became merged as one.

Cursed be that whiffing
Destiny’s thread is pulling
When nature goes on spree
And completely eradicates thee.

In your turmoil you’re not vain
Although in lack of that ochre mane
For I was just about to bourgeon
To me the world wasn’t a burden.

The roots interweave
From confinement no relief
Did what you thought was right
To cut down before we start

My part.

The Furnace of Joy


I’m a blazing furnace

That chemical in mace

Which burns your groins

Holds you to your loins

Until the moist is out

And my ashes sprout

When I am well done

We clean up the fun

And start the meal over

Cause I’m a lucky clover.


“You truly are my favorite poet

It delights me when you’re open

Inspiration you always do share

Along with ‘her’; it seems you care.”


I have unveiled talents that

You didn’t know you had

Many of those are bed bound

Some of them are word sounds

For you are becoming a poet

A good one; I know that sonnet.

It’s been inside this whole time

Now you are ready to burst out

With beautiful words of joy

Go down there; be a good boy.



erotic abstract

It is stunning

when I look

into your eyes

and see myself,

find the sing.

All of the thoughts

that I’ve been hiding,

they are inside

of your mind.


Mysterious glance,

crooked smile,

and I am disarmed –

thinking of sin.

We’ll be united –

feeling so sure –

and that will be

our only cure.


Rising high

above the sky,

the welcoming stars.

Going faster

with every breath,

until we reach

that glorious end.


And when the Sun

finally rises,

when bird’s song

fills us within…

With gentle touch,

a kiss to repay,

I will thank you

for every day.