Very Important Stuff [If you don’t READ IT yOuR kettle WILL boil faster, your CAT will suddenly become all cute AND cuddly — and let’s be honest no one wants THAT, your mother won’t tell you what to wear anymore… you know, all the STUFF, basically, will befall you]


我 io Я le moi. Ich me ego. Ja, bre! All serious and stuff.

A fresh start


Hi, there. All-of-you-who-read-this.

Welcome to this secluded space for my poems and prose.
I hope you find what you are looking for.
If not, well, search some more.
I will ki.. y keep writing, even if you don’t.
Thanks for stopping by. Check these scribbles below
About how this blog was made and why
And something about writing and art.

I hope you had fun.


How This Blog was made and why


To commemorate a start of This Blog I’ve opened it with a fresh poem written directly on the Create a New Post page. Uploaded some pictures – and voila! An intro to an entire Corpus was born.
From time to time I will publish some of my older poems (sometimes I may surprise you with a short story) so as to keep the blog going. But whenever Unicorn shines his rainbow upon me, I shall respect his wishes and add to the Wings Corpus.

[ Edit: Two years after. The Unicorn still hasn’t shined. But maybe that is because he is just a horse now. Or he has constipation. I will wait. I am patient. ]

A writer can’t do much without his/her fans, so to speak. I chose this platform to share my poems with the world.

Feel free to comment and share,

like and don’t care,

smile and be mad…

But do read. — there, a small poem for You. 😉

Something about Writing and Art


Artists are a special bunch of people who have something others don’t.
That something is called a Mechanism of Creation.

Now, everyone is able to create something. The mechanism I mentioned is a vast network of interconnected elements: thoughts, dreams, experiences (life and reading), imagination, and that little thing called “something”. And in the middle of all of that is a Spark.

No, not the imagination one! Spark of Creativity!

That means:

  1. it’s creative (duh);
  2. it’s created;
  3. it’s alive.

The third one is the most important feature. It means it is susceptible to change. And so It does. So many, many times… until finally It is taken from the centre, pushed through the smallest of particles of writer’s soul, concentrating into one tiny dot which that expands into a line, a light, a bolt, a rush through the body… and BAM!… Well actually, it isn’t a “bam” (unless you are a very loud writer), it’s more of a click-clack sound, or if you are old-timey it’s a pshh-hshh-kshh sound. Who knows what kind of sound other artist make! Well, they do, they know, ask them.
This Mechanism can be used to explain how all artists work. And that is why we are such a weird bunch, we are not human!

No, of course, we are. This is just one of the ways I like to explain how I experience the sensations that happen while I’m coming up with something and writing stuff.

Recent Posts


Hi Everyone-who-reads-this,

The end of Oblivion Corpus is nearing it’s final two poems.
This is next to not-really-last-but-kind-of-is poem. So, if you like this, be sure to follow the blog and not miss the next two parts.
If you are already a follower, thank you! and enjoy the rest of this Corpus.

Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

And, as always, happy reading.

Mary Matshine


Silent and filled with thoughts
Not sharing your hidden words
I wonder what will you devise
Would you even share a single line?

And yet you speak here and there
I know that is not all and so I wait
The quietude tearing the room apart
As if the sand is being thrown about.

It’s over now so don’t hold back
I wish to hear your voice attack
But you’re just nodding your head
To my criticism and words I bled.

Silence is what you’ve fed.

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